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Bloody Creations
A short film script - 40 pgs
Scene Snippet


Logline: What would you do if your only purpose in life was taken away from you? “Bloody Creations” is a science fiction/action adventure short film where in a technologically advanced society not so distant from our own, a military android with a loss of identity is taken into custody due to a malfunction. They must escape to try and find their place again in the world. With a religiously devout pleasure android at their side, the pair must escape the cyborg bounty hunter going after them or be turned to scrap. 

Twinkling Lights_edited.jpg

The Study Session
A short film script - 6 pgs

Film can be found on my Videography Page

Logline: When two college students are studying one decides to lighten things up with their technical expertise. This leads to the study session of a lifetime when it backfires and the two need to work together to figure things out.

Twinkling Lights_edited.jpg

The Narrating Voice in Your Head
A Radio Drama script - 5 pgs

Radio Drama can be found on my Audio Page

Logline:  When Cy wakes up late and rushes to get ready, their lovely narrator commentates and makes the morning more interesting. 

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