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Poems Published in
Arcade Magazine - Issue 16!

Issue 16 can be found here!

Poems Featured

  1. Glass Bottle Streets

  2. My Crown of Thoughts

  3. Paper Trails

  4. Cigarette Daydreams

  5. Treasured Friends

Poems in Form

A variety of poems written in different poetic forms 

Poems Featured

  1. Ghazal -"Face in the Sky" 

  2. Haibun -"Before Bed"

  3. Incantation -"Golden Arches"

  4. Sestina -"Celluloid Ideas"

  5. Sonnet -"Call to Loving Arms"



Defined as social engaged poetry that often uses nonliterary texts—news reports, legal documents, and transcribed oral histories.”

My topic of interest was Taxidermy. After research I crafted a collection of inspired works.

Poems Featured

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